Okay so like the last Scooby Doo series, Mystery Inc, was hilariously witty, remarkably dark, created a sci-fi horror mythos actually explaining why a talking dog exists and why criminals keep dressing up as monsters, and while the character lineart could have been better, it was a pretty beautiful cartoon to look at.

Now the next new Scooby Doo series is being made by some of the same people who worked on Family Guy and fuckin Brickleberry who are bragging about how much more grown up and less “campy” they think their series is going to be and look at those godawful hideous Seth Mcfarlane looking butt scribbes

Cartoon Network I have come to expect so much better

hopefully once i’m done with these commissions i can start producing some $20-$30 plushes for my etsy, and if my shop gains some popularity i might do pretty well during the holiday season. since cameron and i are planning a 2-3 week trip to washington for christmas, i’m going to need some serious income. the plane tickets could easily be my christmas present from my entire family but not working for even one week will be detrimental welp.

i try not to get too stressed about money but like i’m stupid broke.